Newly Engaged? How to Start Planning a Wedding 

If you have found your way here because you are newly engaged and about to embark on your wedding planning journey – CONGRATULATIONS!

I know it can be a little overwhelming when you first start planning – there are big decisions to be made, and so many questions you are expected to know the answers to that you’ve probably never even thought about! But don’t stress, I’m going to share my top tips that I promise will get your planning off to a flying start. 


Your Budget

One of the most important aspects to consider, and get right early on, is your budget. You might not have a clue what you need to allocate to each supplier at this stage, but you should at least start off with the upper limit that you are comfortable spending. There is no right or wrong amount, but whatever it is, make sure that it is realistic and achievable for you.

If your parents or other family members are going to be contributing in anyway, then have a frank conversation with them early on too. 


Your Priorities 

Once you have your overall budget decided, it’s time to start discussing your priorities, and decide what is most important to you both. Whether that’s your catering, the flowers, the band or something else – knowing early on what will get the biggest percentage of your budget will help you to stay on track and makes it much easier to gather proposals that fit with this amount and your brief. 


Your Guest List

Whether you want an intimate gathering or a large wedding, the number of guests you decide to have will feed directly in your overall budget. After all, guests equal money! The more guests you have the more tables and chairs you’ll need, more cutlery, crockery and glassware, more invitations, more food and drink. The more tables you have the more centrepieces you’ll need – you get the idea! 

Having a rough idea of your guest numbers from the beginning will also help you to find a suitable venue, or marquee requirements. 


Your Wedding Design

Before you jump in to booking suppliers think about the overall design for your wedding. You don’t need to know every minute detail at this stage but having a clear vision will really help you to find the right suppliers who suit your style and will help them to create a proposal that fits your brief. Whilst looking to the wedding industry for ideas can be helpful, you should also look for inspiration within your own lives – travel, interior design, nature, architecture, your memories and special moments can all be great sources of inspiration and will help ensure your special day is a true reflection of you both. 


Hire a Wedding Planner

If budget allows, working with a wedding planner from the very start can help you with all the above, and more. They will take away all the stress of finding a suitable venue, sourcing suppliers to fit your brief, allocate your budget and bring your design ideas to life. You’ll be working closely with your planner so it’s important to find someone you relate to and who you can trust. 


Enjoy, and don’t rush!

It’s so tempting to rush ahead and start booking things in all the excitement, but take a breath, consider your options and approach your planning methodically. Take care of the big things first such as your marquee or venue, catering, photographer and planner. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the process! 

Once you do start your wedding planning, you may feel like you could do with some professional help – take a look at my post where I share the top 10 benefits of working with a wedding planner, and check out my wedding planning services.

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