The Rebrand: From Wildflower Wedding Planner to Aster and Gold

If you’ve been following me for a while you will likely have seen the recent transformation to Aster & Gold… and if you’ve found your way here whilst looking for “The Wildflower Wedding Planner”, then the warmest of welcomes to our new home!

So, why rebrand?

I have been asked quite a lot about why I decided to rebrand my business, and understandably, some people had their concerns – especially around changing the name. I had worked hard for almost 5 years building my brand, and of course there is a risk involved in effectively starting again with a new name. But truthfully, it just felt like the right thing to do. So much had changed in those 5 years, and my work had evolved to the point that the Wildflower name no longer felt like “me”, and no longer suited the weddings I delivered. I knew that in order for my business to continue to grow I had to make some big changes.

Aster and Gold logo
The beautiful new logo!

What defining characteristics did you want to carry over to the new brand?

Whilst I wanted to step away from the Wildflower Wedding Planner business name, there were most certainly elements of the existing brand that I wanted to retain. Offering a dedicated service, building close relationships and really taking the time to get to know my clients and what is important to them, is pivotal to my business.

As my work evolved during the time as Wildflower Wedding Planner, I found myself more and more drawn to marquee weddings and celebrations. There is something incredibly special about creating a space designated for a particular couple or a particular event, and I love the creative challenge that comes with a literal blank canvas – so a huge part of the rebrand process was to hone in on this and put my love for marquee celebrations, nature and the English Countryside (which is where I take so much of my inspiration from!) front and centre of the new-look brand.

Let’s talk about the process

Once I had finally committed to the idea of rebranding, I was faced with the task of finding my very own dream team of suppliers who could somehow turn my rambling thoughts into a cohesive and considered brand.

First up, I needed a branding and web designer, and although I had a little look around at some other options, I knew there was only one person for the job… the lovely Becky Lord Design. I am a long-time fan of Becky’s work anyway, but from the moment I enquired I was blown away by her processes, client care and attention to detail – most definitely a girl after my own heart!

Next up, I knew that I wanted to work with a copywriter to help me with a new brand name and refine my messaging so I could really connect with you, my clients! I can be a little indecisive when it comes to doing things for myself, so having Jen from Jackdaw Editorial on my side as my very own word wizard was invaluable. I knew that I wanted to keep a botanical element in the business name, after all, my work is very much influenced by nature and the beautiful English countryside, so Jen and I worked collaboratively on various iterations of the new name before we landed on Aster & Gold.

About the brand – why does it look the way it does?

Once I had decided on the new name, and what I wanted the look of the brand to convey, everything else just started to fall in to place.

I told Becky that I wanted the brand to be sophisticated and timeless. Nothing “trendy”. Nothing too “busy”. Just simple and elegant to reflect who I am and to translate my work in a way that people can relate to.

The Inspiration

One of the very first steps in the rebranding process was conveying to Becky the vibe I was going for. She took my ideas and created this beautiful mood board, which then served as inspiration for the branding concept.

The challenges of rebranding

The whole process with Becky was so incredibly easy and enjoyable – in fact, the most difficult part was choosing which of the two initial concepts to move forward with because she absolutely nailed the brief and I adored everything she created for me. Becky really got to the bottom of what I wanted my brand to be, my core values and the aesthetics.

The actual relaunch itself came with a few small challenges to overcome – not least because of the nerves that started to build, wondering whether I’d made the right decision to rebrand and change the name of the business. Is anyone going to like it?! Is business going to suffer because of it?! And truthfully, relaunching in the middle of a busy wedding season wasn’t ideal timing – but there is always going to be something that crops up, and I just wanted it out there in the world.

Thankfully, I can safely say that it was 100% the right decision to go through this process and all of the concerns I felt have dissipated. The brand as a whole feels so much more aligned now, and is working succinctly – so I can focus on delivering impeccable events for my clients, knowing that my beautiful brand is working hard for me.

My favourite features

I adore the Aster & Gold logo. The font used for the logo is bespoke and I love it’s sophisticated simplicity. And I love the patterns and illustrations! Again, these were created by Becky especially for Aster & Gold. They are only used as accents, but I love how the botanical elements just seems to bring everything together. And of course, the new website is so beautiful and such a perfect reflection of my new brand.

What can you expect from Aster & Gold moving forward?

Moving forward, I will continue to plan and design quietly luxurious, heartfelt weddings and events for my clients. Whilst each and every event is different, the hallmarks of an Aster & Gold celebration tend to be an abundance of fragrant flowers, a setting close to the great outdoors, a focus on fine food and drink – and an epic party!

You can read more about the planning services I offer and my approach by clicking here.

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