Come on in…

I understand that choosing to work with a wedding planner is a big decision, and you need to feel comfortable that you’ve got the right person for you on your team. 

So, settle in with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine if you fancy – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!), and let me introduce myself properly.

Meet Natasha

Between the trees and the sea

First things first, I’m Natasha and I’m based in a village in Essex that’s sandwiched between the woodland and the coast – landscapes I find endlessly inspiring. I live with my partner Jack, our gorgeous and feisty daughter Penelope and our beautiful tearaway of a puppy, Tilly the cockapoo.

There’s no place like home

I love to travel, and to plan travel – whether it’s a city break and the chance to soak up some culture, or a splashy beachy family trip. But for me, boarding a plane to come home, feeling the click of our key in the lock and relaxing back into the spaces we’ve made our own has the same level of excitement as the holiday. (I totally understand Dorothy’s mindset – it wasn’t just about the fabulous ruby shoes!). 

How I work

The process, not just the product

My brain is a busy one, and I’m constantly keen to peek behind the curtain and find out how things are done. Far from spoiling my enjoyment of a show or a spectacle, I love trying to figure out the nuts, bolts and component pieces that go together to create something that wows. I could be in the crowd at a concert, and while I’m belting out the lyrics, I’ll also be checking out the lighting rigs! I can’t help myself, but it’s a fascination that translates well into wedding and event planning. I’m always looking at how each tiny detail goes into building the overall atmosphere of your day.


Over the years, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to marquee weddings. There’s something incredibly special about building a space designated specifically for the making of happy memories, and I love the creative challenge that comes with a literal blank canvas.

Aster & Gold

My business is named for some of the little pieces of magic found in the English countryside.

Asters are such friendly flowers – their name means ‘star’, and they cluster like little scented constellations in gardens and shrubberies. And gold? Well, that’s for the sunshine that puddles in late afternoon and feels like honey, and for the harvest moon that hangs like an old penny in the sky. 

My approach

I like to keep things as simple, relaxed and free of faff for you during the time that we work together.

You’ll have me in your corner to advocate for your vision; refine and polish your ideas; organise your timelines and budgets; connect you with the right suppliers; style, set up and smoothly run your celebration; and a whole lot more besides. 

Each of my services are broken down in detail on the services menu, but the main thing you need to know is that I care deeply about what I do, and I take the time to get to know my clients and really understand what’s important to them. I think of planning a wedding as a highly collaborative experience, and I’ll never underestimate the importance of sitting down with you for a catch up and a good giggle. 

I’ve spent time building a network of exceptionally talented suppliers across the industry, and I only ever recommend people based on merit – this is a commission free zone! I like to approach every event with balance in mind – balance between head and heart, between creativity and logistics, and between elegant refinement and an all-out epic party.

This sense of balance extends to the way I work with nature. I’m constantly drawing from the English countryside for inspiration, so it’s only right that I give back to it somehow. I’ve partnered with the National Trust to plant a tree for every event booked with Aster & Gold, find out more about this here.

I’d love to hear from you and to help you plan and design your own unforgettable celebration. 

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